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2023 Forever Stamps U.S. Flag USPS Postage Stamps

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Celebrate American pride with USPS Forever Stamps 2023 U.S. Flag Edition. Add this iconic symbol to your stamp collection and showcase your patriotism. Don’t miss out on these timeless collectibles!

The flag serves as a visual reminder of the array of freedoms that Americans enjoy. Its design dates to 1777. when the Continental Congress specified 13 horizontal stripes and 13 stars to honor the 13 original colonies. Various versions of the early flag continued to be used until 1818 when the U.S. Congress standardized the design. mandating 13 stripes forever but a star for every state. Another act of Congress in 1947 set the date for each new star??s official addition to the flag as July 4. following the state??s admission to the Union. The last time the flag changed was July 4. 1960. after Hawaii achieved statehood the previous August.

This stamp is being issued as a Forever stamp in panes of 20. This Forever stamp will always equal the current First-Class Mail one-ounce price.

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Real Postage Stamps: These are real postage stamps that can mail letters. envelopes. and others. They can cover the international rates the first time. USPS serves any country with a one-ounce letter. One stamp is one ounce.

Forever Postage Stamps: These are valid USPS forever postage stamps that can be used anytime. You can send mail no more than 1 ounce by USPS.

Save Your Time and Money: No need to waste your time and money on the way to the post office for stamps! Our postage stamps are very convenient and also at a nice price!

Easy to Use: With self-adhesive. convenient to use. Not only great for postcards. letters. mailing envelopes. or collecting but also suitable for collectibles. birthdays. weddings. parties. celebrations. and so on.


Manufacturing Process: Offset
Adhesive Type: Pressure-sensitive
Stamp Orientation: Vertical
Paper Type: Phosphor Tagged Paper. Block Tag
Package List: 5 Booklets/15 Booklets/25 Booklets/50 Booklets/250 Booklets


How much is a forever stamp worth in 2023?

As of January 22. 2023. the price of a First-Class Mail Forever stamp is 63 cents. This information was announced by the United States Postal Service and approved by the Postal Regulatory Commission. Therefore. if you are purchasing Forever stamps in 2023. each stamp will be worth 63 cents and can be used for sending a standard-sized letter within the United States. regardless of any future price changes.


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