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2021 Love Stamps Wedding 100pcs/Pack

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The U.S. Postal Service continues its popular Love series with a new stamp in 2021.

The first stamp in the series was issued in 1973. This new stamp features a colorful and light-hearted digital illustration.

There are many reasons to say ??I love you?? and many ways to show you care. A special way to declare affection. friendship. gratitude. or devotion is to send a card to a loved one or friend. With so many cards to choose from??old classics and trendy new designs??it is easy to find one that conveys what you want to say in almost any style you can imagine. And today. there is renewed enthusiasm for handwritten notes that express exactly how you feel. Many cards are intentionally left blank so you can personalize your message for any occasion or send a greeting for no particular reason.

The playful. graphic lettering on these stamps will add color and whimsy to your mailings. making it clear that thought and care have been lavished on the message. inside and out.

Greg Breeding was the art director; Bailey Sullivan created the original art and designed the stamp.

The Love stamp is being issued as a Forever stamp. This Forever stamp will always equal the current First-Class Mail one-ounce price.


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