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2019 USPS Heart Blossom Forever First Class Postage Stamps

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Many consider love to be the most powerful emotion we can experience. It can be romantic. platonic. familial. and much more. Every type of love has a measurable effect on how we live and experience the world around us. In fact. scientists have found that people in happy relationships (whether it be a marriage. friendship. or close-knit family) receive long-term physical benefits from feeling the love. In studies. it has been proven that love leads to fewer colds and less pain. meaning fewer doctor’s visits. Love also speeds up healing time from injuries. lowers blood pressure. and decreases anxiety. Overall. love helps reduce stress. which leads to a longer lifespan and an increase in general happiness.

In a time when technology is becoming the preferred method of communication. the way people fall in love is changing. But no matter how unusual or unlikely the circumstances. falling in love will always be in style. It is amazing that a happy relationship with another person can have so many positive effects on the human body. And researchers say there are likely even more benefits they have not discovered yet. Love really is a many-splendored thing!


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