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2018 Stamps Forever U.S. Flag USPS First Class Postage Stamps Coil of 100 PCS/Roll

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For more than half a century. U.S. stamps have depicted the American flag in vivid red. white. and blue. This eye-catching new issuance continues that tradition with a striking graphic design of a flag. The digital illustration by Kit Hinrichs shows a flag with crisp folds and a contemporary look. with a shadow on the small. visible portion of the back to suggest a sense of depth. Although the American flag had appeared on U.S. stamps as far back as 1869. usually as a small element in a larger vignette. it was only in 1957 that the U.S. Post Office Department developed a quick and economical way to produce bicolor or multicolor stamps that could depict the flag in its true red. white. and blue. thanks to a special press acquired from Switzerland by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

  • In the decades since multicolored flags have become a consistent motif on U.S. postage
  • Whether paired with famous landmarks. shown against inspiring vistas. placed in their historical context or used as a graphic element in a larger design. the flags on U.S. stamps connect us to our nation’s history and serve as icons of patriotism for generations to come
  • includes 100 stamps in each roll


Manufacturing Process: Offset
Adhesive Type: Pressure-sensitive
Stamp Orientation: Vertical
Paper Type: Phosphor Tagged Paper. Block Tag
Package List: 1 Roll/2 Roll/10 Roll/20 Roll/50 Roll
















































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