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2011 USPS First Class Wedding Roses Forever Stamp

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Although modern couples plan weddings that reflect each person’s individuality. roses have remained a bridal tradition throughout many generations. Many people feel nothing conveys love better than a rose. Suitors introduced the rose as a symbol of love in the Victorian Era. Strict rules of conduct made it impossible for smitten young men to express their emotions verbally. A ??language of flowers?? developed. which allowed lovers to communicate sentiments by the type. color. and a number of flowers they gave one another. The gift of red roses is a declaration of love. while pink roses convey sweetness. grace. and poetic romance. White roses carried on a bride’s wedding day signify eternal love. purity. and innocence.

According to tradition. long-stemmed roses are an expression of love and devotion. They represent the love that is deep and long-lasting. Because the number twelve represents a complete cycle. a dozen roses are the symbol of complete love.Since there are 24 hours in a day. two dozen roses signify complete devotion to each moment of every day. Regardless of the color or number. a bouquet of roses is a special way to send a message of love.


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